Protect the environment with foil? Is that possible?

With GP-Loop we rely on up to 70% circular plastics in our films.

At Gordopack, we have set ourselves the goal that by 2025 our entire production volume will consist of at least 30% circular plastics.

Anyone who knows the packaging industry knows that this is a big goal, considering that we are dependent on different factors. For example, the corresponding post-consumer recycling raw material must be made available and there must be a demand for sustainable packaging products.

But we are convinced that this is the only way we can make a meaningful contribution to the circular economy.

That is why we are always looking for new solutions and processes to achieve this goal and are in constant exchange with suppliers and our customers.

With GP-Loop, we already offer our customers the option of using film that consists of 30% (GP-Loop30), 50% (GP-Loop50) or even up to 70% (GP-Loop70) of circular plastics, i.e raw materials that have been returned to the recycling cycle.

Thanks to the latest filtering technology, nobody has to do without usual high quality and transparency.

And that's not all, our GP-Loop is 100% recyclable, like all our products.

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