Film remains essential for sustainable consumption in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

With GP-Sustain, we protect hygienically and protect the environment.

Plastic packaging is the only way to preserve food and pharmaceutical products over a longer period of time, because it protects against moisture, oxygen and other external influences. Thus, throwing away spoiled food, for example, is reduced many times over. Furthermore, film flexibly adapts to the product and thus saves space and is lighter than glass or cardboard. This in turn reduces the amount of transport required. Both the extended shelf life and the reduction in transport weight and distances significantly improve CO₂ emissions and protect our environment. Until now, there has been no alternative packaging option to plastic, or film, that can do the same.

With our GP-Sustain product range, we offer our customers PE film for the hygienic protection of food, feed and pharmaceutical products. GP-Sustain is manufactured from certified raw materials and according to the requirements of the GFSI standards (Global Food Safety Initiative). GP-Sustain is also recyclable and can therefore be returned to the cycle at 100% in line with the Circular Economy.

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