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Our aim is to offer the best solutions for our customers. We achieve this through our consistent values and goals: to protect our environment and to deliver the best possible packaging solutions that meet these requirements. Hence, we have developed two different product lines that differ in their application and in what they are supposed to protect.


GP-Sustain: 100% recyclable and FDA approved.

Produced according to BRC standards and Good Manufacturing Principles (GMP)

GP-Sustain protects foodstuff, feed and pharmaceutical products and it is a 100% recyclable PE film packaging. This product line only utilises certified food contact raw materials and is produced strictly according to the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.

GP-Sustain – Applications

Agricultural film


Our agricultural film guarantees protection of your food produce against negative weather conditions and pests. Regardless of whether you wish to cover tomato and asparagus fields or protect vines, agricultural film not only ensures the safeguarding of your products but also supports their growth. Many customers confirm that our agricultural film helps them to maximise yields.

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Food produce packaging


Food packaging must satisfy special hygiene requirements, which include the specifications for packaging, transportation and after-sales. Bread bags, automatic packaging film for shrinking or butcher bags for protection and transportation of meat are among the various food applications we offer. At Gordopack, we deliver custom-made solutions for your food produce packaging.

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Service packaging


Service packaging is used anywhere customers need to transport loose goods. These range from apples in a supermarket to clothing in a boutique. Service packaging products are perforated on rolls and easy to handle.

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Pharmaceutical packaging


At Gordopack, we use raw materials that are approved for pharmaceutical applications and are free of additives. The production takes place in accordance with the requirements of the latest BRC Standard. The microbiological requirements of <10 cfu / 100 cm2 are met. Please note that we do not have cleanroom classes according to ISO 14644-1.

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Circular design is a chance for the packaging industry

Our GP-Loop is the result of the circular design application.

We at Gordopack strive to be waste-free on all levels that are under our responsibility and influence. It is our goal to fill gaps without an ecologically better alternative, and we work every day to expand our responsibility and influence on the circular economy.

We directly exert influence by the purchase and usage of (1) End-of-life-materials, which we obtain from cleaned, sorted and then recycled PE products.

It is our goal to make (2) product designs as sustainable as possible by using recyclable materials, reducing the amount of packaging per product and increasing the amount of recycled materials as much as possible.

Our team at the manufacturing site aims to become a waste-free (3) production while continuing to deliver our consistent quality goals. An external body certifies our environmental improvement efforts (ISO 14001) as well as energy saving efforts (ISO 50001). In addition, we already purchase over 50 percent of our energy from renewable energy sources. Finally, we have our COfootprint recorded by Climate Partner in order to offer you the best possible transparency. We are currently achieving COsavings of up to 39% when GP-Loop is compared with packaging that consists of 100% virgin material (such as GP-Sustain).

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In addition to environmentally friendly production, how our products are used is at least as important to us. As a result, we feel it is our duty to advise how our products can find their way back into circulation in order to be reused or recycled.

Circular design is a chance for the packaging industry

GP-Loop: 100% recyclable and up to 70% PCR.

The best way to do something for our environment with plastic film.

Our GP-Loop product line is a 100% recyclable PE film with the purpose of protecting industrial goods of all kinds and shapes, including secondary food packaging. GP-Loop contains high-quality circular plastics, optionally in the following mixtures: GP-Loop30 (30% recycled content), GP-Loop50 (50% recycled content), GP-Loop70 (70% recycled content). Although it contains levels of recycled material, GP-Loop has as usual high quality and the highest translucency standards thanks to the latest filtering technology. The PCR materials that we use in our products have EU-Cert-Plast certification.

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Three important reasons why GP-Loop is also the best alternative for you:

  • Every company should care about sustainability at heart. GP-Loop is one of your contributions.
  • The EU will continue to ask companies to reduce, reuse and recycle all packaging materials.
  • CO₂-neutral packaging is simply what consumers want, and you must be able to respond to these demands.

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GP-Loop – Applications

Product packaging


You cannot transport your goods or keep them protected without special product packaging. Ranging from furniture to food or news magazines, product packaging ensures that all goods reach the customer without damage or contamination. Our assortment includes different designs, from automated packaging film to shrinking and wrapping film for optimal and secure product packaging. We produce films and wrapping according to your specific individual specifications.

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Protective film


Protective films secure various objects and packed food items during transportation, storage or handling due to their very different designs and numerous fields of application. Protective films are thus used for covering and packaging. We even manufacture special sunbed films for hygienic tanning and offer corresponding protective films for use in mud therapy.

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Transport packaging


Transportation packaging ensures that your goods are protected and arrive at the customer destination safely. We offer protective covering or shrinkable hoods, shrinking films and stretch films as a part of transportation packaging. Furthermore, films used for covering or those suitable for inlaying butcher boxes are also included in transportation packaging.

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At retail chains and consumer goods stores, large quantities of refuse and waste materials arise, and they need to be safely collected, stored and recycled or disposed of. We offer different refuse and waste bags to businesses, which also allow separation of different materials. Disposal bags, recyclable waste sacks and collection bags are included in this list as well.

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