Again, best possible BRC rating for Gordopack.

Hygienic food packaging of the highest standard.

We are proud that we have successfully completed our BRC version 6 audit for 2022 - with the best grade: AA, valid until March 2023.  

The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard proves that we deliver safe quality for food packaging and that we meet all the hygienic requirements for this.  

What makes us particularly happy is the fact that we are proving that the production of food packaging and sustainability do not have to contradict each other.  

Our food packaging under the GP-Sustain product range is 100% recyclable. For other applications, such as product and transport packaging, we even offer films with a proportion of up to 70% circular plastics under product range GP-Loop.

Here you can download our current BRC certificate.

You can find more information about the BRC standard here