Unannounced tests are our favorite!

Because we like to pass them with top marks.

If you think back, you know that nothing was worse in school than an unannounced test!
You can't really prepare yourself for it. The only thing you could do was to be always prepared.

And that's what we are. Top prepared! Because it is our purpose to always work at a consistently high level, to be organized and to keep our machines and halls in top shape. And that's why we passed the unannounced BRCGS V6 audit with top marks of AA+.

The focus of the audit was the "food safety culture". The focus here is on reviewing the shared values, beliefs, standards and behaviors related to food safety within the company. Within Gordopack, but also the influence beyond us. This should come as no surprise, as protection is the core and promise of our company, and so is the protection and safety of the food that is packaged with our films.

And every day, we all work with a high standard and a lot of discipline to ensure that we live up to this promise. We would like to thank our team for their great work and for allowing us to repeatedly write a "Pass with distinction" in our exercise book.