Our GP-Loop is QA-CER certified.

Providing tangible proof of sustainability builds trust.

In a time when Greenwashing is increasingly in the spotlight, we, as a company, aim to set standards.

The European Commission found that 53% of "green" corporate claims are vague, misleading, or lack a solid foundation.

A new law, enacted in March 2023, aims to counteract this lack of transparency. It ensures that companies positioning themselves as "green" must provide the corresponding evidence - a crucial protective measure for consumers.

As one of the very few companies in Germany, we have chosen to have our product, GP-Loop, certified by the Belgian Quality Association (BQA). The QA-CER certificate, already recognized in multiple countries, guarantees the use of recycled materials and verifies the quality of the recycling process.

This ensures that both the content and quality of the end product adhere to the highest standards.

We take pride in taking this significant step to offer our customers an even more trustworthy, sustainable product.