Sustainability beyond.


We have set a target that by 2025 at least 30% of our production volume will be Circular Plastics. On the one hand, this means working with raw material that has been recycled, but also continuously developing and optimizing our product design to further reduce the use of material - while maintaining the same quality and performance.

Through this reduction of material and production we support 2 of the 17 SDGs of the United Nations: 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

However, we not only want to recycle raw materials and produce films and packaging that have been produced sustainably, but we also want to adhere to more of the 17 SDGs, actively help and answer the call as far as we can influence it in our Gordopack cosmos. The goals of the 17 SDGs are broad. At their heart, they carry the desire to ensure peace and prosperity for all people on the planet today and into the future. Ending poverty, improving health and education, reducing inequalities, and combating climate change are goals on which all have agreed.  

At Gordopack, we are committed to our own vision: "We want to protect the future. For ourselves, our children and our planet", we have also agreed to secure this within the framework that is available to us.  

Every day we go one step further until we have made not only our production, but also our way of working, our environment, our office and production facility as sustainable as possible. Everyone at Gordopack helps, because our vision is not made from above, but developed by everyone together. For example, our new silos are recycled (Goal: 12) and we will get our energy from a new PV system in the future to further save CO2 (Goal: 13). Many more projects to reduce CO2 are planned and we will report about them again and again.  

We know that these are small steps compared to the big picture and to what we all have to do together to preserve our planet. But we do not watch, we participate where we see an opportunity. We believe everyone can contribute. You can find out more about the UN Sustainable Goals here: Sustainable Development Goals