Our satisfied customers are an important part of our success.

And to keep it that way, we follow our guidelines.

Gordopack would not have been so successful in recent years if we did not have customers who enjoy working with us and are satisfied with us as a partner.

Whether in Germany or beyond its borders, we supply companies and distributors who can rely on us. And this reliability is at the core of how we see ourselves and how we define customer orientation for us. Our employees always focus on the satisfaction of our mutual customers. With the right attitude of our employees, but also with values that we have defined for ourselves in our daily work, we manage to ensure that our customer relationships are always long-term and characterized by partnership and trust.

In particular, short response times are important to us and we know that this is where we clearly stand out from the competition. So that the focus on the satisfaction of our customers is not lost, we have created our own values that accompany us through our day:   

We solve our customers' problems and do not create new ones.  

We are agile, react quickly and answer requests in the shortest possible time.  

We deliver promptly, keep to agreed deadlines, even when it requires the highest flexibility from us.  

We support our customers and take care of their needs, even after an order has been completed.  

We are all the more pleased when our customers confirm this with their feedback:  

"I really see them as a partner with whom we can grow further."  

"I have experienced that really urgent orders were produced within a very short lead-time even when they had to reschedule their production plan. Nothing is too much to keep their customers satisfied."  

"It saves me a lot of time working with a reliable and flexible partner as Gordo. I have a very good business relation with my contact person (...) and I can only applaud the way she is stalking and supporting me in order to keep and expand our business!"  

Also in the future we will work to become even better and do everything to ensure that our customers continue to give such positive feedback.