Our Goal 2025: More Sustainability

In 2025, at least 30% of our production volume will consist of Circular Plastics.

To be able to achieve the EU target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we all need to rethink and take action. Establishing a circular economy is part of this.

Adjusting the value chain from linear to circular is inevitable in all areas of production, where possible, to reduce Co₂ emissions.   The European Commission wants to introduce a mandatory recycled content in plastic packaging across the EU. This plan is supported by Cicular Plastics Alliance, which even specifically calls for a target of 30 percent recycled content for plastic packaging by 2030.  

The Circular Plastics Alliance is an alliance of 290 members committed to incentivizing and educating across the EU for a thoughtful circular economy in the production of plastic packaging. The overarching goal of the Alliance, in addition to accelerating the transition from linear to circular, is for all companies and organizations in the plastics value chain to voluntarily commit to increasing the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tons by 2025.  

This target can only be met if manufacturing companies, like us, change their production and product designs accordingly. This in turn requires the availability of recyclate. The whole issue of recycling must be rethought, incentives must be created, investments need to be made, and countries must act together. Plastic should become a valuable raw material, but it must also be available. This is a path where we are still at the beginning.  

We at Gordopack have made it our goal to be even faster. So, it is important to us that our entire production volume consists of 30% Circular Plastics by 2025. We are working on this every day. We have always been looking for solutions and are already using mainly recyclable materials, reducing the proportions per package, and constantly increasing the use of Circular Plastics.