Packaging and films offer one thing above all: protection.

And in doing so, they also protect our planet.

But how can this go together when most people think of huge mountains of waste and polluted seas when they think of packaging and films?  

However, we must not forget that packaging and films are quite useful. For example, they protect our food or even medicines from external influences such as moisture, oxygen and damage. As a result, they keep food fresh longer, medicines have a longer shelf life, which reduces waste.  

In particular, films are also very flexible and can be formed into any shape, which in turn reduces weight and transport costs, and thus CO₂ emissions.  

These are all reasons to re-evaluate the sustainability of packaging, plastics and films. For example, 75% of all plastic household packaging is now recyclable. By 2025, this figure is expected to reach 90%.  

What the packaging industry and we at Gordopack are working on every day is the principle:  "As little packaging as possible and as much as necessary" and, associated with this, the highest possible proportion of recycled raw material, such as Circular Plastics.  

So in addition to recyclability, the design of the packaging products is crucial. Here we have found a solution with our GP-Loop, which is not only 100% recyclable, but also consists of up to 70% Cicular Plastics.  

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