GORDOPACK PE-film products: ready for any purpose

The successful use of films is determined by three factors: quality, properties and fit. We always consider all three aspects.

Since films are used in a wide variety of areas, we offer PE products for almost all purposes - exactly tailored to your specific application.

Bags, sheets, tarpaulins: With us you will find the optimal solution for the usage in industry, commerce and households.

In addition, you can always rely on the highest quality standards.

All our products comply with food regulation and are delivered with certificates of conformity. We not only provide you with a thorough assortment but also professional advice.

If you have questions about the products, please call us.

Clever material mix for your applications

We can combine the positive properties of different materials in one film: Our multi-layer blown film consists of different film layers, which are brought together during the production process. As a result more than one property can be combined at each side or within any film.

We have the right product for you!

  • Films that need to be extra strong and flexible at the same time
  • Films that are smooth on the inside for easy packaging and blunt on the outside for slipping protection
  • Foils in several colors (for example black on the outside and white on the inside)
  • … and much more

More information?

Do not hesitate to contact our sales staff. You can reach us by phone at the business hours below.

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Sabine Schiffbauer

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Mario Winterscheidt

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